Thursday, October 25, 2007

Outside Reading Post 5b


Cupcake and Tommy continued using even though there was a shortage of money in their family. The physical effects began taking a larger toll on the two but because of the addiction, neither Tommy nor Cupcake could quit using. Cupcake would swear she'd get her life together but end up getting high again the next day. Cupcake's father gets her to go to one rehab session but as soon as he stops forcing her to go and encourages her to go alone, she quits. This is only one of the two things that cause her father to move out. The second event that upsets Cupcake's father so much he moves out is when Cup steals from him. He has to travel to Tennessee for his father's funeral and before he leaves he tells Cupcake there is $500 under his bed. He tells her not to touch it but send it to him if he calls. As soon as Cup and Tommy get back from dropping him off at the airport, they take all the money and use it to buy dope. When Cup's father gets home from his trip, he announces he's moving out because he can no longer trust Tommy and Cupcake. Shortly after Cupcake's father moves out, she leaves Tommy. Mona and James agree to let Cup stay at their appartment as long as she quits using and doesn't get drunk in their house. She agrees and follows the rules for the first few days but then begins smoking in her room, stuffing a towel under the door so the smoke can't escape. Cupcake becomes so miserable she decides her only choice is to commit suicide. She decides she'll get AIDS and die from that as her way of killing herself. Shortly after, Mona kicks Cupcake out of her house and Cupcake lives behind a dumpster spending all her remaining money on dope and only coming out from behind the dumpster to turn tricks or buy drugs or alcohol.

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