Thursday, October 25, 2007

Outside Reading Post 3b

Journal Entry:

So far, every page in this book has taken me by surprise. Now that I'm almost halfway through the book I can just assume things aren't getting better for Cupcake Brown because of all the previous tradgeties. First her mother's death, then being shipped away to live with an abusive foster mother, you don't think things can get worse. I think it's truely amazing that Cupcake can push through everything going on with her life. For instance, if her and I switched places, I'd have given up chapters ago. I feel like every chapter in this book is like a new disaster starting in her life. I hope Cupcake will be able to stay close with her family, although her father just moved away again. She's getting older and after all the time she spent on the streets, Cupcake seems like she can handle taking care of herself. The way this memoir is written; with all the scenarios and different events, I don't think I can relate to this book at all. Cupcake Brown is a strong person. She has taken what she has and turned it around to better suit her. By the end of the book I think Cupcake will have turned her life around. Changed everything for the better. Made her life what she always wanted it to be.

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