Sunday, October 7, 2007

Outside Reading Post 3a

In this section of the book, Cupcake is working at her new job as an alarm moniter. She meets a man named Rich who lives in her appartment building and sells marijuana. Rich becomes an older brother-type figure to Cupcake. One night when Cupcake wakes up in pain, screaming, Rich begins to comfort her and takes her to the hospital where she finds out she must be rushed into surgery to have the IUD removed, a form of birth control that had been left in Cupcake's body for too long. Shortly after, Cupcake quits her job and begins her work selling drugs to people around the neighborhood. Cupcake again, gets pregnant and has yet another abortion. Cupcake moves in with her father who is also selling drugs and providing a home for local prostitues. Cupcake gets a call from her birth father, Mr. Burns and yells at him, cussing him out. Cupcake begins having blackouts where she loses her memory for a few hours or sometimes a few days. After one of her black outs, Cup finds herself pregnant for the third time. Although she doesn't know whos baby it is, she has another abortion. Cupcake meets a woman, Dot, who is friends with her daddy and together they create a plan to shoplift many items from different stores and they get away with it until Dot gets greedy and tries it on her own, getting arrested. Cupcake's father gets tired of the life filled with drugs and prostitutes and tells Cup he wants out. Shortly after, he moves back in with Lori, his late wife. Cupcake is accused of having a drug problem and cup denies it.

Cupcake Brown:
Now a very sucessful attourney for one of the 25th largest law firms in the nation, Cupcake Brown's life was not easy. Cupcake suffered through the death of a parent, moving from house to house, losing her family, rape, abortion, teen pregnancy, prostitution, abuse and drugs. Luckily, Cupcake was able to overcome most of the tradgeties in her life, but not before her life was changed drastically many times. After all the struggles in her life, Cupcake Brown graduated college without a highschool diploma or a GED and recieved many scholastic awards. Cup is now an autor, a role model, and an attourney.

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