Monday, October 8, 2007

Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Jean Dominique-Bauby's Diving Bell and the Butterfly was truthfully probably my least favorite book I've ever read. I have absolutely nothing against memoirs, infact I enjoyed the books Running with Scissors, A Piece of Cake, and Me Talk Pretty One Day but The Diving Bell was not of interest to me. Although writing an entire 131 pages by blinking with your left eye is quite an accomplishment, maybe Bauby should have written about something more interesting. Locked In syndrom doesn't necessarily mean you have to lose you're sense of imagination, just your movement. There was almost nothing positive written in this book and I find that books are more intriguing when they have something to look forward to read, as apposed to almost a journal-entry style of writing. Not only did I find this book uneventful, but it was also filled with metaphors, making it hard to comprehend at times. I felt this book lacked a message, or lesson besides the obvious, "be thankful for what you have" theme which is announced with every pitiful sentance written.

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