Thursday, October 25, 2007

Outside Readin Post 4a

"I sat there in bewilderment. And I listened. I hung on to every word she said because I understood every word she said. I felt every word she said." -Cupcake Brown (page 353)

Her whole life after her mother died and she lost her family, Cupcake wasn't able to relate to anyone. She didn't listen to anyone. When she was finally able to admit she had a usage problem and admitted herself to rehab, she met Venetta who showed Cup that she's beautiful the way she is. V taught Cupcake she could be happy if she just let herself and she didn't need drugs to do that. I chose this quote because it represents the time in her life that Cupcake Brown feels understood. She feels moved by what she's hearing, and it helps her change her life. This is a very important part of the book because Venetta changes Cup's life.

"I felt my anger at God returning..." "...That meant we were even- I didn't owe Him and He didn't owe me. Good. I'd go back to hating Him." -Cupcake Brown (page 154)

Cupcake loses faith in her "God" after her mother dies. She feels God picked on her and hated her, and for that he took her mother's life. Cupcake blames God for everything that happens in her life that she doesn't agree with. After a few years of trying to change her life around, Cupcake begins to regain her trust in God, thinking that if she makes deals with Him, He'll help her make it through all her hardships. When Cupcake goes to visit her Grandmother at a nursing home, her Grandmother passes away. In an instant, all the hatred rushes back into Cup's mind. She blames God for everything and anything wrong in her life and vows never to trust Him again. This is an inportant part of the book because now Cupcake must find something to believe in to help her through the rest of her life.

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