Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Water for Elephants Post 1b

Analyzing Jacob; before and after the tragedy of his parents’ death.


-Before the accident, Jacob was attending college classes and lectures to be a veterinarian. He spent time worrying about normal things like girls, school, friends, and homework. Much like any student, he never expected anything to happen to his family, or him, and certainly nothing life-changing.
“I’m twenty-three and sitting beside Catherine Hale; or rather, she’s sitting beside me, because she came into the lecture hall after I did, sliding nonchalantly across the bench until our thighs were touching and then shrinking away with a blush as though the contact were accidental.” (15)
-This quote shows Jacob’s last thoughts before he found out the terrible news of his family.


“This morning, I had parents. This morning, they ate breakfast.
I fall to my knees, right there on the back stoop, howling into splayed hands.” (19)

-After the accident, Jacob can’t finish his final exams. His mind is filled with mixed emotions; confusion, disappointment, sadness, and he can’t concentrate on finishing school. He doesn’t know what to do now that he has no family.
“I stare at these faces without features-these blank ovals with hair-looking from one to the next with increasing desperation. I’m aware of a heavy, wet noise, and realize it’s me. I’m gasping for breath.”

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